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Matron’s Medical Madness!

The Rangiora Players latest production “It runs in the family” certainly involves lots of running!! This comedy is set in the doctor’s common room in a London hospital. Dr Mortimore, a top neurologist, is preparing to speak at an important conference when he is constantly interrupted by various characters and activities. As the story unfolds confusion and chaos take a hold and before he knows it Dr Mortimore is in so deep you really wonder how he is going to get himself out of this melee!

Energetic performances by Graeme Randle as Dr Mortimore and Mark O’ Connell as Dr Bonney keep the comedy flowing. Jayde Braxton turns the teenage Leslie into the daughter from hell with believably huge attitude! This large cast really pick the pace up, especially in Act 2, when actors are constantly running in and out of the various doors in the common room with great timing.

Talking of doors, special mention should be made of set creator, Graham Clewer’s swing doors, which allow certain cast members to appear as though they have been quite literally propelled through them.

Personally, I found this show extremely amusing, and at certain times was close to tears at some of the antics! If you want to forget about the world’s financial situation get yourself a ticket and settle down for some good old fashioned laughter!

The show runs Wed 15 – Sat 18 October at Rangiora Town Hall.

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