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Act 1

"Cupboard Love" by Jean McConnell - Peggy and Jane come to rest after jogging, both trying to avoid the gimlet-eye of trainer Samantha. They strike up a conversation, and as they talk they get the feeling that they know each other from somewhere, but can't quite place it. Finally, the determine it must have been at the adult education centre, as they are both keen cooks, and had both attended courses there. They become fast friends, but they both have a nagging doubt that all is not as it seems...

"That's a laugh, i'n't it" - An improvised light-hearted game show, based (loosely!) on every bad game show you've ever seen, featuring two teams of everyday (or perhaps not so everyday) contestents vying for sucess.

"Peace Camp" - The participants discuss the crucial instructions necessary on the handling of a delicate anti-nuclear protest, which is taking place at an undisclosed (and undislose-able) location...

Act 2

For this Act we present David Tristram's "Last Panto in Little Grimley". This is the sequel to "Last Tango in Little Grimley" which the 'Players presented in the First Night of British Comedy, and which we also presented at the Kirwee drama festival, winning both best Play and Best Supporting Actor.

The sequel is even funnier than the original!

The sequel has the same players, four very amateur actors (well, three actors and the lighting and set bloke) who for the first time in recent history turned a profit with their last play, "Last Tango in Little Grimley". Leader Gordon having authored the last unexpected sucess, announces he is going to write their next production too, and it will be a pantomime.

Of course, very little goes right for these enthusiastic amateurs, yet somehow the overriding mantra of " the show must go on" pulls them through, but will it be all right on the night...?

The cover from the script

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