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"Girls Night Too" by Lousie Roche

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girls night too

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wright
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their granddaughter
to Boris Petrov
at 7:30 in the evening
At the Rangiora Players Little Theatre

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Girls Night. That was the night that we joined Anita, Carol, Kate, and Liza, and, of course, the other-world-ly Sharon as we celebrated the engagement of Candi-Rose, Sharon's daughter, to Boris. We sang, we shouted, we cried, and we danced the night away.

It's a year later, and we now join the Girls as we celebrate the wedding of Boris and Candi-Rose.

We all remember Nutty Nita, who has now got her life sorted, is still happily married to Geoff, and is a wedding planner, so she arranged the wedding, mates rates, of course. Lisa, who you'll recall was pregnant, is now running around after her larger family, and is still married to Richard, and she still keeps him on his toes. Carol is - for the time being, anyway - back with her on-and-off lover Barry, after an interesting run-in in a hospital emergency room. Boys: you really don't want to hear what happened.

It's another guaranteed night of fun as we join the Girls on the next adventure of their lives.

Wed23rd Nov7:30PM
Thu24th Nov7:30PM
Fri25th Nov7:30PM
Sat26th Nov7:30PM
Wed30th Nov7:30PM
Thu1st Dec7:30PM
Fri2nd Dec7:30PM
Sat3rd Dec7:30PM

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