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There are two plays being presented by the hapless Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society, as the title above shows. Both feature the Grimley Society doing the very best to be a great small amateur society. But things never seem to go according to plan.

The first is Strictly Sex Factor (On Ice), which sees the Grimleys are wondering why so few people are turning up to their shows. It finally dawns on them that rather than coming out to the theatre to see what they often produce as lacklustre theatre, their potential audience is sitting at home on the sofa, watching such epic TV shows as Strictly Come Dancing, X-Factor, and Dancing on Ice.

Thus it occurs to Charman Gordon that maybe Grimley ought to try and emulate these shows, with glamour, and moonlight, and music, and romance, and dazzling, tight, sexy, sequined costumes, not forgetting the glittery balls. Needless to say, unexpected things happen that hamper the thespians attempt to stage a production that would make the TV producers envious.

And if that wasn't enough, the second half of the show is a murder mystery come whodunnit entitled Murder! in Little Grimley. The Grimley's play is, it seems, based on real life. Which leaves us pondering, the quarrelsome quartet have been in some sticky situations over the years. But can they possibly get away with murder?

This is a Community Theatre production by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd and The Play Bureau.


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The Rangiora Players is the public name for the Rangiora Dramatic Society Incorporated of New Zealand.