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Peter "Venture Man" Graham, an actor who is the hero of a TV popular TV series, is forever being hounded by women, who just want to be with him. There is one fan in particular, Pixie Potter, who will just not give up. Eventually, Peter seeks refuge at the country rectory with his Uncle, the meek and mild Reverend Arthur Humphrey, the cleric of the Rectory.

Meanwhile, the Reverend's sister, Harriette, a formidable woman, has dismissed the housekeeper, an act which horrifies the Reverend. To fill the missing housekeeper role, he advertises for a wife, but absentmindedly omits the important word "marriage." These two occurrences resoundingly shatter the peace of the village. Answers to the ad pour in. The arrival of the (dignified) Bishop of Lax adds to the confusion. Peter finds the vicarage no refuge from Pixie Potter and even more hectic than the outside world.

Wed5th Sep7:30PM
Thu6th Sep7:30PM
Fri7th Sep7:30PM
Sat8th Sep1:30PM
Sat8th Sep7:30PM
Wed12th Sep7:30PM
Thu13th Sep7:30PM
Fri14th Sep7:30PM
Sat15th Sep1:30PM
Sat15th Sep7:30PM

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This is a Community Theatre production of I'll Get My Man by special arrangement with Samuel French and New Zealand Play Bureau Ltd.

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