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The Last Séance is a story of everyday folk who run a séance business. It's a little dodgy, in that the séances are a bit, well, rigged. During the course of play we get to see some of these subterfuges in action, so would you be surprised to hear that Madame Craft's husband can sometimes be found under the séance table providing the odd bang, thump and lift to keep things moving. All distinctly old-school low-tech skulduggery.

Of course, when you've been scamming people for years, family life envelops you, you end up married with kids, and they fall into the family business, and the daughter being, well, a kid of the digital age, does a few updates, some successful, some less so. And of course, daughters have boyfriends...

But of course, it's all about the clients. Some sceptical, some believers, some here for a laugh, some desperate to know where the millions are hidden, and some who have ulterior and quite serious motives. Swindling swindlers always turns out to be dangerous and funny in equal measure.

But as in all well-written comedies with plot twists and turns, the best is saved to last, and the final startling twist of the play reveals to us - and the family - why this must really be - the last séance.

Wed21st Aug7:30PM
Thu22nd Aug7:30PM
Fri23rd Aug7:30PM
Sat24th Aug2:30PM
Sat24th Aug7:30PM
Wed28th Aug7:30PM
Thu29th Aug7:30PM
Fri30th Aug7:30PM
Sat31st Aug2:30PM
Sat31st Aug7:30PM

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