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Preview Comments

We invited a preview audience of children from some local schools, and invited them to write a few lines for entry to their school newspaper. Here are the things they said:

Funny jokes, great puns, crack of an ending. I enjoyed the show.
Kody, Rangiora High School

I really enjoyed this outstanding performance. I found it funny amusing, sad and outrageous. The performing was great and the choreography was super. I really enjoyed this performance.
Michael, Year 8, St Patrick's School, Kaiapoi

It was really funny, and when they have to work together they do it really well. They say all their words clearly. There was great music and there was great humour. The play goes back to the past at some times and was really awesome. I think this play is for people between 8 and 60.
Lauren, 12 years old, Loburn School

It was a very humorous play with great jokes and costumes. I enjoyed how they engaged the audience with the singing. I really enjoyed the guitarist and how she had an important part even though she wasn't acting. It was very good how we were watching them do a play about them doing a play. An awesome play for 11 year olds and up. Completely worth seeing!
Jackson, 12 yrs, Loburn School, Rangiora

You must see this show!!! It is really funny and the singing is great! It has a great cast with a fab storyline and great choreography. This is a show you shouldn't miss!
Helena, St Patrick's School, Kaiapoi

This show was funny and full of laughter, music, enthusiastic characters and talented performers This show is great for kids and adults. Fun for the whole family. A must see for winter.
Madeleine, Rangiora High School.

Funny random evil good for all ages really funny and random so evil the funniest bit was when the guy got slapped. I enjoyed it.
William, Loburn School

It was good. It was funny. I liked the funny songs. Good costumes. Good stories. It was noisy (in a good way)
James, Loburn School

Lots of fun and enjoyment with a decent amount of laughs that can be had by all ages. Although there were a few forgotten lines, it did not detract from what was a great performance, displaying the wide range of the young actors abilities.
William, Rangiora High School.

And if there are spelling or other errors, then it's our fault for transcribing it incorrectly!

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