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"STiFF (2013)" by April Phillips

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April 2013 at the Rangiora Players Little Theatre...



Angel Delight is the illegitimate daughter of a funeral director, and inherits the undertaker's premises when he dies. But... there's a gotcha in his will. Before she can sell the business and the land (which is much more valuable than the business!) she is required to keep the funeral parlour open for a further five years.

Unfortunately, she knows absolutely nothing about the funeral business... but rather a lot about prostitution.

So Angel and her team of 'girls' (including the obsessive-compulsive transvestite Delilah) decide to use the undertaker's premises as a front for a massage parlour. But they have to keep their personal services hidden from the prying eyes of a disgruntled former employee who feels he should have inherited the funeral business. Add suspenders, death by misadventure and some "unorthodox" embalming techniques and you have all the ingredients for a riotous evening.

Adapted from the synopsis on the Questors Theatre website.

Wed10th Apr7:30PM
Thu11th Apr7:30PM
Fri12th Apr7:30PM
Sat13th Apr7:30PM
Tue16th Apr7:30PM
Wed17th Apr7:30PM
Thu18th Apr7:30PM
Fri19th Apr7:30PM
Sat20th Apr7:30PM
Tue23rd Apr7:30PM
Wed24th Apr7:30PM


Evenings $20

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