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Meet the Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society

They may be small in number, but they are large in ambition. Though they do show some signs of sanity, realising that staging a large-cast musical like "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" has personnel demands greater than their membership.

Gordon is the Chairman and leader of the society. He is part diplomat, part author, and part many other things to boot. Under his leadership the Society has great, well, mostly failure, as he inspires his group to do great things.

He has no illusions about what they actually do produce, but he never lets this get in the way of his ambition.
Bernard is the set builder, lighting operator, and general handyman. However, in a society of just four people, everyone has to muck in, and sometimes this means Bernard has to appear on stage.

Bernard is not really a fan of the lovey-dovey actor scene, and tolerates his fellow men and women.
Margaret honestly believes her talent is far too great for the Little Grimley players, and is the commensurate prima donna. Obviously, this often puts her at odds with Gordon.

There are hints that Margaret has a salacious past, and has been known to go "all the way" for her art, sometimes saving the day.
Joyce's greatest contribution to the Society is that she is the treasurer, and her greatest skills being with the photocopier. Joyce is the sensible one, the voice of reason. However, Joyce's belief in her musical theatre competencies knows no bounds.

Joyce's favourite shows are the aforementioned "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", and "Oklahoma"

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