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On Sunday night I had the pleasure of attending the dress rehearsal for the Rangiora Players latest production, "Bedroom Farce". Directed by Dimitri Gibara, this play is an unpredictable comedy centred on the crumbling marriage of Trevor (Peter Knights) and Susannah played believably well by Anya Harrison.

I enjoyed every moment of the performance. The storyline was entertaining and kept you in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

The eight actors were all fantastic. Poor Nick (Edward O'Brien) spent the whole performance laid up in bed whilst his delightful wife Jan ( Kerrianne McLaughlin) nursed him through the play. Delia and Ernest played by real life "marrieds" John and Marsley Tyler brought a natural warmth and humour to the play. Kate and Malcolm (Karen Forde and Mark O'Connell) play practical joking newly weds with ease. Each of the characters in the play were well developed and unique, with their own quirks and mannerisms. They worked well together and put on an hilarious show.

The set also deserves a mention. Each of the three bedrooms on the stage had its own individual colour scheme and was cleverly laid out so that you could shift your focus easily from one room to the next. Thanks to Graham Clewer, the set designer. Wardrobe is admirably appropriate, courtesy of Judith Clewer. Props provided by Julie Freeman.

With its combination of humour, interesting plot and great acting, this play is well worth going to see.

Rebekah Boyland.

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