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Date Day Act Pages Notes
17-Sep-06 Sunday 1 1 to 10 Ernest, Delia, Nick, Jan, Malcolm, Kate
18-Sep-06 Monday 1 11 to 20 Trevor, Kate, Malcolm, Susannah, Ernest, Delia
21-Sep-06 Thursday 1 20 to 31 Jan, Trevor, Kate, Malcolm, Ernest, Delia, Nick
24-Sep-06 Sunday 1 1 to 16 All cast
25-Sep-06 Monday 1 16 to 31 All cast
27-Sep-06 Wednesday 2 32 to 42 All cast
01-Oct-06 Sunday No rehearsal
02-Oct-06 Monday No rehearsal
04-Oct-06 Wednesday 2 42 to 52 All cast
05-Oct-06 Thursday 2 52 to 58 All cast
08-Oct-06 Sunday 2 32 onwards All cast
09-Oct-06 Monday 2 Finish Act 2 All cast
12-Oct-06 Thursday 1 Ac 1 All cast
15-Oct-06 Sunday 1 Ac 1 All cast
16-Oct-06 Monday 2 Act 2 All cast
19-Oct-06 Thursday 2 Act 2 All cast
27-Oct-06 Friday Get hall keys
28-Oct-06 Saturday
29-Oct-06 Sunday
30-Oct-06 Monday
31-Oct-06 Tuesday
01-Nov-06 Wednesday
02-Nov-06 Thursday
03-Nov-06 Friday Hire Pickup
04-Nov-06 Saturday
05-Nov-06 Sunday Double Dress Rehearsal
06-Nov-06 Monday Final Dress
07-Nov-06 Tuesday Night off for Good Behaviour
08-Nov-06 Wednesday Performance 7:30
09-Nov-06 Thursday Performance 7:30
10-Nov-06 Friday Performance 2:00 and 7:30
11-Nov-06 Saturday Performance 7:30
12-Nov-06 Sunday Pack Out
13-Nov-06 Monday Hire Return

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