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Production Photos

Well, more production snapshots really, these were not taken by our proper photographer, but give an idea of what the production looked like.

The Arrival

This is Dimitri Gibara standing in for Graham Clewer, as Reverand Pottle

The Easter Bunny

Letitia's last moments...

Remembering Letitia

No, you don't need these chocolates, Geraldine - you want them, and that's a very different thing

If I'd have known becoming a priest would entail dressing up in a rabbit costume I'd have had a complete rethink and taken up prostitution - as indeed my headmistress originally suggested. Mind you, I probably would have ended up in a rabbit costume then as well.

Oh, hell. Any more people in bunny costumes and we'll be able to stage a production of bloody Watership Down!

The post-Easter drinks

I wonder if I can make a little announcement. I know we're all missing Letitia terribly so I've decided, as a tribute, to carry on her great work in the culinary field. As a start, therefore, I've made what we always used to call 'our cake' from her original recipe and I'd be thrilled if you'd all like to try a slice

The Wedding

As we leave The Easter Bunny, Alice and Hugo have got as far as exchanging furtive looks across the room, but by the next episode Alice is "with child". It was thus felt that this change of state of affairs ought to be explained, and therefore we ended Act 1 prior to interval with a wedding scene.

This scene was performed in a sort of strobe lighting (Atomic "ramp up and down")

The action is that Alice and Hugo start at opposite ends of the sofa, and the strobe lets us see them there. The next time we see them they are closer, and then closer, culminating in the full embrace in the photo.

The Vicar and David then appear behind the couple

Next, the dressers come on and change Alice and Hugo into their wedding attire, still in the odd strobe lighting.

The dressers leave, Geraldine performs the wedding ceremony, the wedding dress twinkles with lights, and Hugo carries his wife off-stage, banging her head into the set on the way out.

The only picture of the light up wedding dress

The curtains close, the house lights come up, and we now enter the interval knowing that Alice and Hugo are a happily married couple.


Jim: No. no, no, I mean I was actually glued to the telly. I was trying to build an Airfix model of the starship Enterprise and I had a bit of spillage. Hugo: How did you get unstuck? Jim: Well, I didn't, I. . .

Alice: Yeah. Abba were always a bit experimental for me. I like my music a little more middle of the road. Geraldine: Oh, what would that be? Alice: The Wombles, really.

And here comes some more! Maybe the wise men can't see Jesus when they come into the stable and we all have to go, "He's behind you!"

(Frank speaks in a very strange, robotic, nasally voice) "Oh let us follow it, my noble companions."

Geraldine: Interesting interpretation, Frank. Can't say I quite understand the voice. Frank: Well, I was just thinking, I'm playing a wise man. Now, who's wise? And I thought, of course, Steven Hawking. Therefore, the voice. "Take this myrrh, it's very nice."

Are you lonesome tonight...

Alice: We'd like to play Mary and Joseph, with me as Mary. Geraldine: Oh God! Oh good! Though actually Alice, I actually was banking on you for the pivotal role of woman who sleeps through the entire thing in another room at the inn.

The first rehearsal...

Jim: I'm sorry, I get carried away. It's been a very long life with very little sexual experimentation.

Right, so, okay and centre and go!

Alice: A bit of a turn up for the books, Joe. I'm pregnant. And God the maker of all mankind is the father. Hugo: Oh! Actually have you got any taramasalata

Alice: Get away from me, you bastard. How could you doubt me? I never want to see you again. I'm going to Bethlehem on my own.

David re-writing the book on Herod

You three - Improvise!

Be not afraid. For I am an Angel of the Lord and I bring you glad tidings of great joy.

Geraldine having a small slice of the yule log

Tonights the night - "it's time to get going. Break a leg, everybody. And don't forget if you feel like improvising, Just go for it."

Welcome to the Farmyard nativity ... at the end there'll be two little angels here waiting at the gate and all donations will be welcome.

No, no, no, no, no, no room in the inn. We're fully booked...

The donkey that was supposed to carry Alice failed to appear, for some reason, but the show must go on...

Jim: I was quite good, wasn't I? Geraldine: No.


Improvise! (again)

Frank prompts just once to often...

It's coming!

Jim providing the needed towels from his costume


Silent night, Holy night...

Alice to Geraldine: Well, we've thought about it long and hard and, umm, we'd like to name her after you.

Curtain call

The final epilogue...

The Vicar of Dibley is presented by arrangement with Tiger Aspect Productions.
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