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Productions Involving Dimitri Gibara

ProductionDateRoleRole Type
STiFF2022-11-26Robert Swipe Cast
Director Crew
The Invisible Man2022-07-09Director Crew
Holding Court2017-10-18Mr David Newton Cast
Girls Night Too2016-11-23Director Crew
How to Train Your Husband2014-03-26Director Crew
STiFF (2013)2013-04-10Director Crew
Market Forces2012-10-17Director Crew
The Vicar of Dibley2011-11-23Director Crew
Another Night of British Comedy2011-05-05Game Show Contestant Cast
Rough Night at the North Pole2010-12-10Director Crew
Fawlty Towers2010-07-28Manuel Fernandez Cast
Brassed Off2009-11-04Director Crew
The Importance of Being Earnest2008-06-18Director Crew
Take a chance on me2007-05-16Director Crew
Bedroom Farce2006-11-08Director Crew
Allo Allo2006-01-01Director Crew
Farndale / Murder Mystery2005-05-05Director Crew
Midsummer Mischief2005-03-20Bottom (Pyramus) Cast
Middle Age Spread2004-08-18Director Crew
Frankenstein2004-06-18Director Crew
Murder on the Nile2003-06-19Director Crew

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